Frameless Shower Doors Placerville, CA

Sliding and Swinging Framless Glass Shower Doors Placerville, CA

If you are like many homeowners in the Placerville area, your home is a place that you take immense pride in. You carefully select the different design elements and decorative pieces that go into it, and everything serves a very specific function. Why should your bathroom be any different? You can instantly increase the beauty and functionality of your bathroom just by making one simple change: getting rid of your old shower curtain and adding a shower door.

At The Glass Experts, we are your #1 source for frameless shower doors in the Placerville, CA area. We offer:

 Swinging Frameless Shower Doors Placerville

Swinging Frameless Shower Doors

Swinging frameless shower doors are what they sound like: the door swings inwards or outwards to give you access to the bathroom. This style of bathroom door is most often used for standing showers, and is far less common for showers that have bathtubs. Before choosing a swinging shower door you need to make sure there is also enough room in the rest of the bathroom to accommodate the shower door as it swings open. If you are not sure, give us a call and we will help you find the design that will be best for your Placerville, CA bathroom!

 Sliding Frameless Shower Doors Placerville

Sliding Frameless Shower Doors

This design is most common on bathtub/shower combinations and is usually a replacement for an old shower curtain. Throw your shower curtain away and get ready for a new perspective on style and cleanliness in your bathroom! From the way a frameless shower door will make your bathroom look amazing to the ease with which you can keep it clean, glass shower doors are definitely the way to go.

 Frameless Shower Door Hardware Placerville

Frameless Shower Door Hardware

When you install a new frameless shower door, the last thing you want is for the handles, hinges, and attachments not to match the other metal fixtures in your bathroom. At The Glass Experts, you can choose any metal color and effect you want, including chrome, brass, brushed metal, silver, and gold. When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, no detail should be ignored!

 Etched Frameless Glass Doors Placerville

Etched Frameless Glass Doors

If you want to do something extra to add your own personal style to your Placerville, CA home, you can also choose etched glass from The Glass Experts! You can choose from any of our designs in our gallery to reflect your own personal style and taste, or you can create your own design and have us etch it into your frameless shower doors for you. Etched glass can be overall cloudy glass or cloudy glass with intricate textures and designs if you want to protect your privacy while you are showering. Or, if you prefer the open look in your bathroom and are not worried about privacy, you can pick etched glass designs that make patterns and pictures but still leave plenty of light to shine through. Your imagination is the limit!

Why choose a shower door instead of shower curtain?

From a health and cleanliness point of view, there is no comparison at all between shower doors and shower curtains. Shower curtains grow mildew in their folds and at the bottom. Shower doors don’t trap any water and they are ridiculously easy to clean. All you have to do is go over it with a squeegee after you turn the water off and you are done! Many people just try not to look too closely at their shower curtains while they bathe, but it’s not good for your health to be constantly exposed to mildew and mold like that. Do yourself a favor: throw away that old shower curtain and invest in a glass shower door from The Glass Experts!

What kind of shower door should I get?

The main choice is between sliding and swinging doors. This will mostly be decided by the existing design and size of your shower. Sliding doors are usually installed on bathtub/shower combinations, while swinging doors are more commonly used on standup shower designs. You also have to consider whether your bathroom has room for your desired style of door. We can help you with this at The Glass Experts.

What about decoration?

You can choose different metal colors for your shower accessories and hardware, including gold, silver, bronze, chrome, and brushed metal. You can also choose etched glass decorations for an extra personal touch. Let your imagination run wild!

Do you do commercial shower doors?

Absolutely! Shower doors for businesses are not as big a market as shower doors for homes, mostly because every home has a shower but not every business does. But we have many commercial clients in the Placerville, CA area. Just let us know your business’s shower door requirements and we will make sure you get the shower door service you need and deserve!

Do you sell shower door hardware?

If you are wanting to DIY some shower door repairs at your Placerville, CA home or business, we have the hardware and accessories you need. Just let us know your requirements and we will make sure that you have the parts to get your shower door working again. Or if you are not sure what parts you need, give us a call and talk to us about it. We will assess your problem and tell you what parts you need to fix it, so you can be on your way!

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