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This time of year, many homeowners in Amador County, CA are starting to think about updating their home décor and making their home more functional and beautiful for visitors to come. One of the best ways to update the look of your home and impress your guests is with brand new shower doors from The Glass Experts. We offer a full range of shower door and shower glass related service in Amador County, CA. Come find out why we are your #1 trusted source for all your shower door needs!

Choosing a shower door style

The biggest choice you will have to make in getting new shower doors for your Amador County, CA home is choosing a shower door style. The first thing you have to decide is whether to get a swinging or a sliding shower door. Swinging shower doors are most popular and most commonly used in bathrooms that have a standup shower without an attached bathtub. It is very easy to get in and out of the shower this way, with this kind of shower door. You do have to make sure that you have enough room for the door to open. If the toilet is put in the wrong spot it can keep you from being able to open the shower door fully, which may result in repeatedly banging your shower door on the toilet and eventually damaging the glass. If you are not sure whether your bathroom has enough room for a swinging shower door, give us a call at The Glass Experts. We will look at your options for your Amador County, CA bathroom and help you figure out what the best choice for you is going to be. Sliding shower doors, on the other hand, are most often used in shower and bathtub combinations. This gives enough room for the sliding shower door to open correctly, and keeps you from having a door that is so big as to be unwieldy. Sliding shower doors are extremely popular in Amador County, and would make an excellent addition to your home.

Choosing your shower door appearance

The next thing you will have to decide is going to be the exact appearance of your shower door. You might think that all shower doors essentially look the same, but you would be wrong. In fact, there are many different style choices you can make to ensure that your shower door suits your personal style perfectly. One of these biggest choices is between framed shower doors and frameless shower doors. Framed shower doors, as the name indicates, have a metal frame around all the individual pieces of glass. This definitely adds a certain amount of style, especially when you select your metal color to match the rest of the fittings in your bathroom. Frameless shower doors, on the other hand, do not have a metal frame around the edge of the door. This gives them a sleek, minimalistic look that many Amador County homeowners crave. There are pros and cons to both styles as well. Framed shower doors are slightly easier to install, while frameless shower doors are slightly easier to clean.

Maintaining your shower doors

Keep your shower doors clean by going over them quickly with a squeegee. For more serious maintenance needs, we take care of glass repair and glass replacement for your shower doors, even if they were not installed by us. At The Glass Experts, we are serious about making sure your shower doors are in the best possible state, and we will take care of you with replacement parts, accessories and hardware, as well as any maintenance or repair work that you might need.

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