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At The Glass Experts, we are proud to serve the Cameron Park area for all your shower door needs! We offer sliding shower doors, swinging shower doors, frameless and framed shower doors, and etched and custom glass work. We also are here for all your glass repair and replacement needs, and we stock a wide variety of accessories and hardware for any custom projects you might be thinking of taking on. Call us today! 916-983-4527

  • Shower door repair: Accidents happen. We understand. Whether your shower door got damaged because a child swung on it and broke the hinges or because something heavy fell against it and broke the glass, we can get it fixed and working perfectly again. If your sliding shower door isn’t gliding as well as it should be, we can fix that too. The little rollers and ball bearings in the frame that let the shower door glide can get corroded with constant exposure to moisture, and we have the replacement parts to get it working like new again. Call The Glass Experts today for your shower door replacement and repair needs!
  • Glass replacement: Sometimes it’s not the hardware that is the problem with a shower door, but the whole piece of glass that needs to be replaced. As our name suggests, we are experts in all things glass and can take care of all your shower door glass replacement needs.
  • New shower door installation: We offer swinging and sliding shower door installation, as well as custom glass enclosures. If you’re wanting to add etched glass designs to your bathroom decoration, we can do this for you as well! The Glass Experts have been installing Frameless Shower Doors in Cameron Park for years and we stop at nothing to see your shower door design just as unique as your home. We have several designs you can choose from, or you can work with our glass artists to work out a custom glass etching design for your shower door.
  • Metal options: Whatever metal look you need for your bathroom, we have you covered at The Glass Experts! We offer silver, gold, chrome, bronze, and brushed metal effects on shower door frames, hinges, and even handles on frameless shower doors. If you are updating your bathroom fixtures and need your shower door fixtures to match the color of metal you are choosing for the rest of your bathroom, we can make this happen for you. Let your imagination be your guide with your shower door designs!
  • Residential and commercial installation: You might not think of businesses having showers in them, but there are plenty of commercial needs for shower doors, and we are here to serve them! Commercial shower doors at apartment complex or assisted living locations sometimes need to be different from residential shower doors in design and functionality, and we can guarantee that our shower doors at The Glass Experts will do everything you need them to and more. Whether you are a homeowner or a business owner in the Cameron Park, CA area, we are here to serve all your shower door needs!
  • Hardware and components: At The Glass Experts, we make sure that our glass door installations are all top-quality and that they will last for a very long time. Nevertheless, the sad truth of the matter is that shower door components and hardware do tend to wear out over time. Prolonged exposure to water and steam is very hard on metal fixtures, even when they have been treated with water-resistant protective coatings. At The Glass Experts, we have replacement parts and hardware for anything that is wearing out or not working well anymore on your glass shower doors, regardless of manufacturer.

At The Glass Experts, we are your prime source for glass shower door expertise in Cameron Park, CA! We will install, repair, replace, and do custom shower door work. Give us a call today! 916-983-4527

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