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Shower Doors El Dorado Hills, CA

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If you are looking for shower doors in the El Dorado Hills, CA area, you have come to the right place at The Glass Experts! Whether you need residential or commercial shower doors, we can take care of all your needs here. Not only are we meticulous about quality and craftsmanship at The Glass Experts, but we also have years of experience installing and repairing glass shower doors in the El Dorado Hills area for homeowners and business owners just like you, so you can trust our work and our reputation. From Frameless Shower Doors in El Dorado Hills to shower door repair, we have you covered on just about everything, glass! The following are just a few of the services we are proud to offer at The Glass Experts:

Frameless shower doors in El Dorado Hills

Frameless shower doors are a popular option among homeowners in El Dorado Hills due to the increase in home value, overall beauty and much more. This sleek and minimalistic design makes it easy to clean your shower, since there is no metal to have to clean and no chance of water getting caught between glass and frame. Also, frameless shower doors mean you do not need to worry about replacing all your metal fixtures if you decide to change the decoration of your bathroom – for example, if you decide to go from chrome to bronze bathroom fixtures. Your shower already matches!

Framed shower doors in El Dorado Hills

Framed shower doors, as the name suggests, have a metal frame around the edge of the shower door. These kinds of shower doors have their own set of benefits. They have a certain attractive look that many homeowners love, especially when the color of the metal matches the rest of the bathroom. You can choose gold, brushed metal, chrome, bronze, or silver colors for your shower door frames. Sliding shower doors typically need to be framed, so if that is the kind of shower door you are looking at getting you can probably expect to get a framed shower door. Many people think that the frame on the shower door gives the whole thing an attractive, finished look and therefore prefer it to the frameless shower doors alternative.

Swinging shower doors

Swinging shower doors are a great option when your space is limited or when you don’t have a full-length bathtub to put shower doors on. You can select swinging shower doors that swing inwards towards the shower, or outwards towards the rest of the bathroom. This is the most popular shower door design for shower-only showers, which do not have bathtubs built in.

Sliding shower doors

You are more likely to want a sliding shower door if you have a bathtub-with-shower design that you need to put a shower door on. Sliding shower doors need enough room to be able to slide so that you will still have enough room to get in and out of the shower. While this means you need more room in your shower space itself, it’s good news for the rest of your bathroom. No swinging means no need for extra space for your door to swing, so it doesn’t matter how close your toilet is to your shower anymore!

Shower Door Repair and Replacement in El Dorado Hills

Whether you are having a problem with a defect on a new shower door or damage on an old shower door, we can make it right with our glass repair and shower door replacement services. Trust our craftsmen and professional installers at The Glass Experts to take as much care of your shower doors as we would our own!

Custom glass, Etched Glass and Much more!

Whether you have an unusual shower design or shape, or whether you just want custom etched glass designs for your shower door, we can give you the custom glass you need for your El Dorado Hills, CA home at The Glass Experts! Give us a call to discuss your particular needs, and we will let you work with one of our custom glass experts to put your dreams into reality.

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