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At The Glass Experts, we pride ourselves on being your #1 source for shower doors installation and repair in Ione, CA! Discover the difference it makes when you work with the experts! We have been taking care of your shower door needs in the Ione, CA area for years, and you can count on us to give you the top-quality service you need!

It is getting to be that time of year when friends and family love to come over and visit. When they arrive, the last thing you want is to be embarrassed of your bathroom when they ask to use it! But how many of us have old and outdated bathroom fixtures and decorations, an icky old shower curtain hanging halfway across our bathtub, and tile that went out of style a while ago? We don’t offer new tile or updates to your sink faucet, but we can give you one simple thing you can do to completely change the look of your bathroom and wow your guests: install a shower door!

Why choose a shower door?

  • There are really two reasons: looks and functionality.

In terms of looks, a glass shower door opens up your bathroom and makes it look much bigger than it did before. Whereas a shower curtain closes the bathtub area off, a shower door makes it look like the shower is part of the whole bathroom. It gives a sleek, sophisticated appearance that looks fantastic no matter what your bathroom decoration scheme happens to be. In terms of functionality, a shower door stands out even more! Shower curtains are notorious for growing mold and mildew. Even so-called mildew resistant styles of shower curtain tend to do this. And you could soak your shower curtain in bleach every week; it would still get that ugly and unsanitary mildew stain after the first couple of showers you took. Mold and mildew are not only ugly, but they are also health hazards. Don’t mess around with your health! Shower doors don’t grow mildew because they don’t hold water trapped in folds and at the bottom. All you have to do is wipe it down with a squeegee when you turn off your shower, and you can guarantee that your shower door will always be bright and squeaky clean. Shower doors are more sanitary and more attractive. What’s not to love?

What kind of shower door should I choose?

The two main categories of shower doors that you can choose from are swinging shower doors and sliding shower doors.

  • Swinging shower doors are most often chosen for homes and bathrooms where the shower is kind of square shaped and isn’t built for sitting in and taking a bath. Standing-only showers often don’t have enough room for a sliding shower door, and regardless a swinging door looks better for this kind of arrangement anyway.
  • Sliding or gliding shower doors are more often used when the shower is attached to a bathtub and there is enough room for the door to be able to slide open. The way your shower door opens might be determined by the style of your shower and the layout of your bathroom, but you also have many choices when it comes to personalizing your shower door and making it reflect your own unique style. For example, you can choose framed or frameless shower doors, depending on if you like the look of a metal frame around each piece of glass or not.

You can also choose etched glass designs for your own artistic flair. You can pick a design from our gallery, or you can have us do one of your own custom designs!

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