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If you are looking for shower door installation and repair experts in Jackson, CA, you have come to the right place at The Glass Experts! We have been serving the Jackson area for many years and taking care of shower door needs while becoming one of the leading names in the area for shower door workmanship. We are here to answer your questions and to get your bathroom looking and functioning in top condition!

Why shower doors?

The most common and popular way to keep water from your shower from spraying all over your bathroom is with a shower curtain. It’s easy to see why. Shower curtains are cheap to buy and easy to install. You can replace them as soon as you are tired of the design on them, and changing out your shower curtain can change the entire look of your bathroom. So why don’t we give up on shower doors altogether and just go with shower curtains? Well, because shower curtains are also frankly pretty gross. Think about what happens to the water that gets all over your shower curtain. You turn the shower off and open the curtain, and all that water pools and gets stuck in the folds. The bottom of the shower curtain in many showers never really gets all the way dry. And guess what grows in places that never get all the way dry? Mold and mildew! Do you really want to be showering with a moldy, mildewy shower curtain right next to you all the time?

Shower doors are easy to keep clean

All you have to do to keep a glass shower door perfectly clean is run over it with a squeegee as soon as you turn the water off. You get the extra water off the glass and leave it pristine and dry in just a couple of seconds, and you don’t have to worry about mold growing on it. Of course, you’ll want to wipe it down with bathroom cleaner or sanitizer when you scrub the rest of your bathroom, but in the meantime keeping your shower door sparkly and clean is a completely easy task, not a big song and dance. Forget about soaking a shower curtain in bleach for hours to try to kill all the mold – when there’s no mold to begin with, you don’t have the problem in the first place!

What kind of shower doors can I get at The Glass Experts?

We do basically any kind of shower door that you might ordinarily find in any commercial or residential bathroom, and we are also happy to take custom glass work if you have an unusual size, shape, or design that you need for your shower enclosure. We do sliding shower doors and swinging shower doors as our most common and basic choices. You can also choose between framed and frameless shower doors for your Jackson, CA home. This is mostly a choice related to appearance, but it also somewhat affects the functionality of your shower doors, since frameless shower doors are slightly easier to clean than framed shower doors.

What kind of accessories can I choose?

At The Glass Experts, we believe in making your design dreams come true for your bathroom. That means that your imagination is pretty much the limit when it comes to hardware and accessories. We recommend that you choose the metal fixtures for your shower door and shower enclosure to match the other metal fixtures in your bathroom, so whether you have brushed metal, chrome, gold, silver, or bronze metal fixtures in your bathroom we can make sure your shower door matches them perfectly!

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