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The Glass Experts is your #1 source for all your shower door needs in Pollok Pines, CA! We offer frameless shower doors and framed shower doors, as well as swinging, sliding, and gliding shower doors. We also do custom glass work and we offer etched glass designs for all your shower door and glass needs. At The Glass Experts, we offer:

Framed and Frameless Shower door installation

Of course, our primary service that we offer is shower door installation. We do frameless shower doors and framed shower doors, as well as any alterations to your existing shower doors you might need, including installing new hardware. If you need to update the metal fixtures on your doors, you can choose silver, gold, bronze, chrome, or brushed metal effects to match your bathroom. You can also choose between swinging and sliding glass doors to fit your bathroom best. Give us a call today and we will work with you to discover your ideal shower door configuration for your needs!

Shower door repair and replacement

If you have problems with damage to your shower doors, we are here to help you out at The Glass Experts! We handle glass repair and glass replacement for problems such as cracked and broken panes of glass. We know that accidents happen. Glass shower doors are made to be very sturdy and hard to break for safety, but of course there’s no way to completely avoid all accidents whatsoever. Something heavy might fall against your glass shower door and crack it, so that you need to have your glass repaired or replaced. A much more common problem that happens is when the metal fixtures and hardware start to get damaged by all the water and steam that they are repeatedly exposed to. If your shower door frames, hinges, or sliding ball bearings are starting to not work properly, we can take care of your shower door repairs and get your bathroom back in perfectly functioning order immediately.

Custom shower door hardware

If you need replacement hardware for your shower doors in Pollok Pines, CA, we can help you with this too! When you shower every day, the hot water and steam can take its toll on all the metal fixtures in your bathroom. New hardware and accessories is always going to be treated with water-resistant coatings that will help to protect against corrosion, but of course even the most protective treatment can’t completely keep fixtures and hardware from getting damaged eventually from all the effects of steam and hot water. We have replacement hardware and accessories for your shower door at The Glass Experts, whether you want us to take care of the replacement and repairs or you want to do it yourself.

Custom glass work

We specialize in all kinds of custom glass work at The Glass Experts. If you need a custom installation for an unusual size or shape of shower, we can do glass cuts and fittings for any kind of shower you might need. Or if you want a custom and unique decorative design for your shower door, we can do that for you too! We specialize in glass etching and have many different designs you can choose from to give your Pollok Pines, CA bathroom exactly the look you want. We also are happy to do custom etching designs. If you have a design of your own that you want etched onto your bathroom glass or shower door, our custom etching consultants will be happy to help you make your dream designs a reality.

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