Make your bathroom more sanitary GO FRAMELESS!!

Make your bathroom more sanitary GO FRAMELESS!!

Make your bathroom more sanitary

Shower curtains are notorious mold and mildew traps. Frameless shower doors, on the other hand, simply aren’t. They don’t trap water, and all you have to do to make them completely dry after you are done taking a shower is give them a quick once-over with the squeegee. No standing water means no mildew, which means your bathroom stays cleaner and more sanitary! Make the switch to a frameless or framed shower door today and get rid of that nasty shower curtain.

Give your bathroom a whole new look

Opaque shower curtains close off your bathroom and make it look smaller. Frameless shower doors make your bathroom look so much bigger simply because they are clear glass instead of heavy fabric and vinyl. Without a metal frame, it is even better – just unobstructed clear glass, making your bathroom look easily twice as big as it looked before. Even going the route of a framed shower door, you are bound to be impressed by the new look and replacing your old shower curtain.

Customize your look

There are all sorts of different designs and looks you can choose from with frameless shower doors from The Glass Experts. If you want plain, clear glass for a simple and sophisticated look, this is always a favorite among Folsom, CA homeowners. On the other hand, if you want something that is going to be decorative and interesting to look at, there are tons of options for glass etching designs that you can choose from. Feel free to browse through our gallery to find some favorites, or if you have a design in mind, our custom etching artists would be more than happy to work with you to put your vision into reality.

Why frameless vs framed?

The choice between frameless and framed shower doors really is a personal and individual one, and it’s not one that we can make for you. Frameless doors are favorites for many of our customers because they have no places where water is likely to pool between the metal and the glass. This makes frameless shower doors easier to clean and keeps your bathroom looking neat and tidy.

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