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Does your bathroom need an update? Are you tired of looking at the same old fixtures and decorations every day? Bathroom remodels are notoriously expensive, difficult, and annoying, but you can easily change the look and functionality of your bathroom without having to rip out your tile or replace all your fixtures. All it takes is getting a framed shower door from Glass & Shower Experts!

Why a framed shower door?

When you choose shower doors from Glass & Shower Experts, you can choose between framed and frameless shower doors. This choice is very personal, and we are not going to be able to tell you which is the better choice to make. It is all a matter of your own preferences when it comes to style, look, and functionality. Framed shower doors, as the name suggests, have metal frames around the edges of the glass. This helps them stay stable in the shower and resist shifting or getting loose. It also creates a design element that many people like. You can choose the finish and design of your metal shower door frame, which means that you can make this part of your decorative scheme for your bathroom. Whether you want bronze, brass, copper, silver, or gold looking door frames, we can give you the look you want at Glass & Shower Experts!

Why a shower door at all?

Many people just have a shower curtain in their bathroom to protect the rest of the bathroom from the water from the shower. It is easy to understand why shower curtains are so popular. They are extremely inexpensive, easy to install, and easy to replace when you decide you want to change your decoration scheme. So why do we bother with glass shower doors at all? Why not just use shower curtains? Well, shower curtains are also kind of gross. And by “kind of,” we mean “extremely, to the point that most of us just have to try not to think about it when we take a shower.” All those folds in the vinyl fabric? Those are collecting water, which just sits and stagnates and grows amoebas. The wet spot on the bottom of the shower curtain where it sticks to the bathtub and never dries out? Ditto. You can buy a brand new shower curtain at the store and within just a couple of weeks it will be starting to get discolored and spotty. That’s mold and mildew. And now you’re bathing right next to it and breathing it in when you take a nice deep breath of steamy shower air. That’s why we bother with glass shower doors.

Shower doors are easy to clean

Unlike shower curtains, which have to be soaked and bleached regularly, and then still have to be replaced frequently just to stay halfway sanitary, shower doors require almost no work to keep them squeaky clean and germ-free. After you are done with your shower, just give your glass shower door a quick once-over with a squeegee. This will remove all the extra water and make your shower door nice and dry. No water standing there on the shower door means no place for germs to grow. Of course, you’ll still want to wipe it down with glass cleaner when you scrub the rest of your bathroom, but in the meantime it hasn’t been sitting there growing mold and getting grosser by the moment, the way the shower curtain would have been.

Shower doors make your bathroom look better

Instead of blocking off a big part of your bathroom with a heavy curtain, you can open it up with a glass shower door and make your bathroom look much bigger. The sleek and clean look of a framed shower door from Glass & Shower Experts increases the style and sophistication of your bathroom. And if you want decorative elements, you can even choose glass etching designs to give your shower door the beautiful appearance you want.

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