Shower Door Hardware

Customize your Shower Door with our Hardware Options!

At Glass & Shower Experts, we don’t just offer installation and repair services. We also have all the shower door hardware you might need for any DIY project or repair project. Of course, there’s nothing quite like having a professional make sure that a shower door is installed or repaired properly, and we certainly recommend that you give us a call for any complicated projects. But if you happen to know how to do the repairs yourself, we think there’s no reason to spend more, and we are happy to provide all the parts you are going to need to get the job done. Give us a call today at Glass & Shower Experts!

Just as there are many different options for the various styles and functions you can get for your shower doors, there are also different options you can choose for shower door hardware. Most of this hardware is very basic, but the kinds of hardware you can expect to get depend on what kind of shower door you choose. If you are looking for replacement shower door hardware, we can make sure you get exactly the parts you need for your Folsom, CA home. Here are some of the pieces of shower door hardware that you can get at Glass & Shower Experts:

Shower door frames

The styles, sizes, and shapes of frame that you can choose from at Glass & Shower Experts are as various as your imagination. You can choose from a wide variety of metal styles and finishes to match your current style in your bathroom. Right now, dark metals and bronze finishes are very popular for bathrooms, so if you want a metal finish to match your sink or shower and bath fixtures, we can do that for you.

Frameless shower doors

If you prefer the sleek look of a frameless shower door, we also have the hardware for that! Frameless shower doors require that the pieces of glass be cut to exactly the perfect size so your shower door will fit snugly and work perfectly. If you have a frameless shower door that needs replacement hardware, contact us today!

Shower door hinges

Swinging shower doors need hinges, of course, and these need to be hinges that are both strong enough to hold the weight of the shower door, and water-resistant so that they do not rust or corrode over repeated exposure to water and steam. Whatever kind of shower door hinges you need for your Folsom, CA home, we have it here at Glass & Shower Experts!

Shower door handles

There are also many different styles available for shower door handles at Glass & Shower Experts. Just like the shower door frames, you can choose different metal colors and finishes to go with your bathroom décor. You can also choose different shapes and decorative styles, so whether you like a fancy Victorian looking bathroom style, a midcentury modern style, or a sleek and minimalistic style, you can get the style you are looking for at Glass & Shower Experts.

Sliding shower door hardware

The hardware you need for sliding shower doors is of course different from the hardware you need for swinging shower doors. You need a frame that allows the sliding door to track along it so you can slide it easily back and forth. The hanging hardware for the shower door may have rollers or ball bearings that let it slide easily without sticking or rubbing too hard on the frame. Because of the small pieces and their constant exposure to moisture in a shower, it is common for this hardware to wear out and need to be replaced over the years. This is one of the most common kinds of shower door repair we take care of at Glass & Shower Experts, and we definitely have the hardware pieces you need to get your sliding shower door working just like new. Give us a call today for your shower door repair or shower door hardware needs!

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