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There are so many different bathroom designs in homes in Folsom, CA, that it is hard for us to keep up with the latest trends at Glass & Shower Experts! We do shower doors and shower enclosures for everything from old Victorian houses to the newest construction sites, and everything in between. One trend we have been seeing a lot of lately is a custom shower enclosure. It seems that the days of tucking a shower in behind three walls of fiberglass or tile are long gone. Now what people prefer to do is to put a shower head and drain basically in the middle or corner of the bathroom and enclose it with two or three walls of glass. We have to admit, this makes for a very large and open-looking bathroom, and a wonderful and light-filled showering experience! At Glass & Shower Experts, we love working on custom shower enclosures, and are eager to help you make your shower the delightful haven it should be.

Benefits of custom shower enclosures

With a custom shower enclosure from Glass & Shower Experts, you are not limited by the cookie-cutter designs of many other shower manufacturers. We do have several standard designs you can choose from, but we are also happy to work on custom designs for more unique bathroom designs. When it comes to custom shower enclosures, you can keep the original size and shape of the shower you are replacing, or you can dream up something completely different. Your only limitation is your imagination!

Benefits of glass showers

Glass showers are a fantastic way to keep your bathroom clean and looking great all the time! Whether you are looking for a glass shower door or a total custom shower enclosure, Glass & Shower Experts can help you get your Folsom, CA bathroom looking and functioning just the way you want it to! Not only do glass showers make your bathroom look stylish and high-end, but they also make it easier to keep your bathroom clean and sparkly. All you have to do after you take a shower is wipe the glass with a squeegee and you instantly have clean, spot-free glass for the rest of the day!

Glass showers are more sanitary than tile

Many conventional bathroom designs use regular bathtubs with tile or fiberglass, finished off with a shower curtain. This is certainly an affordable way to fit out your bathroom, but it is far from the most sanitary and clean way to do it? Why? We’ll start by discussing the smaller of the two problems: tile. Tile is notorious for growing mildew in the grout between tiles. You can clean it, but it only goes so far to remove the mildew from its source. In order to really get tile clean, you have to take a toothbrush and meticulously scrub every inch of the grout, and who has time to do that regularly? Fiberglass bathtubs and showers are better than tile for keeping clean, but even these kinds of showers have joining places that can get mildew. Glass is by far the shower material that is easiest to keep clean, and with a custom glass shower enclosure from Glass & Shower Experts, your daily regimen can really be as simple as running a squeegee over your shower and being done with it.

Glass showers hold fewer germs than shower curtains

If tile is bad for mold and mildew, shower curtains are even worse! With shower curtains, you have folds of fabric and vinyl that water pools in and is held in, so they are the perfect breeding grounds for mold. The bottom of the shower curtain is rarely ever dried all the way, so you end up with the bottom of your shower curtain getting covered in mold and mildew. Even so-called mildew resistant shower curtains still have this problem. You can bleach your shower curtain, and you should, but nothing makes up for the fact that shower curtains grow mold like nothing else in your bathroom! Glass shower doors, on the other hand, don’t have folds where water pools. Just squeegee dry and you’re done!

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