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Swinging shower doors are some of the most common and popular kinds of shower doors on the market, and they certainly add a level of elegance and functionality to a bathroom! If you are looking for top quality and great prices on swinging shower doors, you have come to the right place at Glass & Shower Experts! Why choose a swinging shower door?

The size or shape of your shower

A lot of times, the determining factor for whether you choose a swinging or a sliding shower door is the size and shape of your shower. A sliding shower door requires a lot more space than a swinging one, because there has to be enough room for it to slide and overlap the rest of the shower door. With a swinging door, you don’t have to worry about that. The most popular shape of shower for a swinging shower door is square. Whether you have a shower that is enclosed on three sides by tile, or one that is mostly glass, a swinging shower door can increase your bathroom’s functionality and make it look much more beautiful.

The setup of your bathroom

Every kind of shower door is going to need to have enough room to open. You will need to check and make sure there is enough room for a swinging shower door to open without bumping into any walls or other bathroom fixtures, and without having to move around awkwardly to be able to get to other parts of the bathroom. One option that a lot of customers choose is to have a swinging shower door that actually opens in towards the shower instead of out towards the rest of the bathroom. This is an excellent option if you have limited bathroom space, but do keep in mind that you need enough room inside the shower to be able to open the door and get out, and nobody likes being crowded or having to squeeze awkwardly around a door.

Your own personal preferences

There are pros and cons to both swinging shower doors and sliding shower doors. A swinging shower door that opens outward to the rest of the bathroom is probably going to leave a little trail of water drips on the floor when you get out of the shower. If that is going to annoy you, you may want to choose a swinging shower door that opens inward, or even a sliding shower door. On the other hand, sliding shower doors are harder to clean than swinging shower doors, and if you leave them open you may get water trapped between the two panes of glass. So it all depends on your preferences and how you want your shower area to work best.

Style considerations

There is one major drawback to shower doors, and that is that you can’t just go to the store and change out your shower curtain when you want to change the decorations in the bathroom. On the other hand, you don’t need to because glass shower doors go with everything. If you do want to customize your swinging shower door to match your own personal style preferences, we can certainly help you with that at Glass & Shower Experts. We have many glass etching designs that you can choose from to find the look that is going to go perfectly in your bathroom. Or if you want to do a custom design, our artisans and experts are ready to work with you to make your own personal design ideas a reality. Contact us today and we can give you even more information about your design options with swinging shower doors at Glass & Shower Experts

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